Special Horses - And their owners' tributes to them

Order A Weaving Personal To You

Your custom weaving is designed to memorialize your favorite horse or any other beloved pet who was been an important part of your life. We'll weave your keepsakes into your piece of art. For example, your weaving might include your horse's mane or tail hair, horseshoes, feathers, small animal skulls/bones, bridle leather, beads, bits, tags, name plates, driftwood, suede leather, wool, barn wood, rusty shoe nails and other hardware, shells, a special bridle concho, antlers, fur, rope...anything you hold dear as a memory to time spent with your beloved pet.

How This Works

Once we have received your customized order, we will contact you either by telephone or email. We will verify your order, discuss any details, answer any questions, and quote you an exact price for your weaving.

Shipping costs will vary according to item size (usually no more than $12) and will be calculated when your weaving is ready to ship. When available, USPS flat rate shipping will be used.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

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How To Prepare Your Equine's Tail Hair For Shipping

Cutting your equine's tail hair is very simple and can be done in a way to conceal it's absence. Find the end of the horse's tail bone (dock of the tail). Once located, separate the hair from the very end of the tail and cut a pencil-sized circumference away. Immediately tie that together with a rubber band.

Once you have secured the end with a rubber band, you can wash the hair using shampoo and gently scrubbing the strands. Then rinse with water. Repeat washings until the water runs clear. PLEASE do not put conditioner on the hair. Let the hair dry thoroughly.

Once it is completely dry, coil it loosely into a circle and place it in a zip lock bag. Be sure to write your name and your horse's name on the outside of the ziplock bag.

Please let us know below what items you'll be sending us to be included in your personal weaving. You will also receive an email after you submit this form. Please print the email and include it in the package to ensure your precious items are handled perfectly.

Items to be included in your personalized weaving:

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