Special Horses - And their owners' tributes to them

Mandy's Love Endures

Mandy Mandy's Love Endures


You're giving me a special gift,
So sorrowfully endowed,
And through these last few cherished days,
Your courage makes me proud.
But really, love is knowing
When your best friend is in pain,
And understanding earthly acts
Will only be in vain.
So looking deep into your eyes,
Beyond, into your soul,
I see in you the magic,that will
Once more make me whole.
The strength that you possess,
Is why I look to you today,
To do this thing that must be done,
For it's the only way.
That strength is why I've followed you,
And chose you as my friend,
And why I've loved you all these years...
My partner 'til the end.
Please, understand just what this gift,
You're giving, means to me,
It gives me back the strength I've lost,
And all my dignity.
You take a stand on my behalf,
For that is what friends do.
And know that what you do is right,
For I believe it too.
So one last time, I breathe your scent,
And through your son I feel,
The courage that's within you,
To now grant me this appeal.
Cut the lead that holds me here,
Dear friend, and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady horse,
My pain and struggle done.
And don't despair my passing,
For I won't be far away,
Forever here, within your heart,
And memory I'll stay.
I'll be there watching over you,
Your ever faithful friend,
And in your memories I'll run,
...a young mare once again.

Unforgettable Trails To Trace

Tracer "Unforgettable Trails To Trace"

Tracer was that one in a million horse that she just knew would be her soul mate, perfect partner and best friend. He came to her with issues that they worked through together. They enjoyed many adventures, and traveled over hundreds of miles of trails as well. Together they made many friends, horses, mules, donkeys and, oh yes, humans, too. The bond they shared was a beautiful sight to behold, and though he is now gone, they will remain friends forever in her heart!

Dos Hermanas

Dakota & Susie Dos Hermanas

If I knew . . .

If I knew it would be the last time,
That I’d see you peacefully grazing,
I would walk out and join you,
And make the moment last.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I’d ride you down the trail,
I would have ridden you until the darkness fell,
Then wake and go again.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I’d run my fingers through your mane,
I would have kept some precious strands,
To carry with me everywhere.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I’d smell your grass scented breath,
I would have found a way to bottle it,
To smell it once again.

I’ve felt there would always be another day, maybe next week to share some time with you,
But just in case I might be wrong,
and this time, right now, is all I get. I’d like to be here with you and I hope I never forget the blessed times upon your back.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
Least of all our equine friends.
And today became my last day to get to Hug your neck.

Don’t wait until tomorrow,
For tomorrow may not come.
To share that last sweet moment,
With that horse you hold so dear.

You should take the extra time for that hug or eyelid kiss. Don’t allow the demands of life to push you away each day. Find the time to whisper that you love them in their ear. That beloved equine partner you’ll always hold so dear.

Take time and spend that extra moment
To thank The Lord above
For the privilege we carry,
When He gifts us with their love.
The ‘gift‘, is that great friendship,
That can only come from God above.

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