Special Horses - And their owners' tributes to them

Further Information About The Weavings

Q: How long does it take to create a weaving?

A: As with any piece of art it depends on the size of the piece, and the detail that goes into it. I've worked on weavings that have taken weeks to make and others that were completed in only one or two days. But no matter what amount of time goes into a woven piece of art, it's created from inspiration and designed specifically for each individual.

Q: Is it ok to wash the weaving I've purchased?

A: I don't recommend washing my weavings, but an occasional dusting is necessary. I often use my vacuum cleaning attachment while holding the weaving flat onto a counter or table.

Q: My horse is still alive, can I still have you create a weaving?

A: I've always said that it's much easier to create a weaving of a living equine friend rather than one that has been lost to it's owner. I recommend everyone who owns a beloved equine have a special piece of art made to remember them by, since we never know when their life may end.

Q: Is the fur you've used in your weavings from real animals?

A: Yes, I do occasionally use real animal's fur in my woven works of art. It has always given me peace to know that in a way these beautiful animals once alive are brought back to life through my weavings. All of the furs I use have been given to me by people who have furs that were handed down through family members or given to them, and they choose not to wear them in public.

Q: Do you ever make weavings in memory of people?

A: Yes I have, several in fact. One was for a well known cowboy. His family asked that I Include his horse's hair, the horse's shoe, and his horse's bit into the weaving, along with the cowboy's pipe, and pieces of his favorite jacket that had been cut into strips. His family still contacts me on occasion to tell me how special that weaving still is to each of them.

Q: How do I cut the hair from my horse, for use in my weaving?

A: Find the end of the horse’s tailbone (dock of the tail). Once located, separate the hair from the very end of the tail and cut the desired amount away. Click here to see how much horse hair is needed. Immediately tie that together with a rubber band or hair tie. Once you have secured the end with a rubber band, you can wash the hair using shampoo and gently scrubbing the strands. Then rinse with water. Please repeat rinsing until water runs clear. PLEASE DO NOT put conditioner on the hair. Let the hair air dry throughly. Once it is completely dry, coil it loosely into a circle and place it into a ziplock bag. Be sure to write your name and your horse’s name on the outside of the ziplock bag.

Q: Can I use mane hair instead of my horse's tail hair?

A: Absolutely! In my woven pieces I can use various lengths of hair to create beautiful pieces of art.

Q: Do you create commissioned pieces?

A: Yes I do. I've created woven pieces hung in many businesses, hospitals, galleries, libraries, and private collections. It would be my pleasure to create a living memorial piece for you as well.

Q: Where did you learn how to become a weaver?

A: When I was in High School, I had an inspirational teacher who really encouraged us to find outlets for our creativity through MANY avenues. But creating weavings was the one thing I found that inspired me the most, and I continue to use daily.

Q: What all can I put into the weaving I want you to make?

A: I like to say if it has or CAN have a hole put into it, then it can be placed into a weaving. There are so many unique items that can be placed into the weavings I create . . . all I can say is, use your imagination!

Q: How can I show you what colors I want in my weaving?

A: Anything can be given to me to show me the colors you refer: A jacket or shirt with the colors you prefer. Or a throw pillow from home, other works of art, right down to colored threads or yarns you may want me to include.

Q: Have you ever woven the hair of other animals hair into a weaving?

A: I've woven the wool hair from beloved dogs, rabbits, llamas, as well as other animals. If they are brought to me I will do all I can to create a woven piece using them.

Q: How much horse hair do you need to create a weaving?

A: Just a small amount, the size and circumference of a pencil is all that is needed to place into a weaving. If you choose to give me more, I can put as much as you want into the weaving and return to you any that is left over upon completion of your woven piece of art. Click here for how to cut the hair.

Q: How do you hang woven wall hangings on the wall?

A: My weavings are light weight and hang nicely with quilting pins. With a gentle tap, tap, tap, they will go right into almost any wall. Most importantly, they won't mar your walls.

Q: How many years will my weaving endure?

A: As with ALL works of art, if your weaving is kept clean, and hung in a safe place it will last a lifetime. Be sure to keep your weaving dust free so that you will enjoy it forever.

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