Special Horses - And their owners' tributes to them

Prairie Heart Designs Off-Loom Weavings

The distinctive items and fibers that appear in Chris' weavings are treasures found while riding horseback across the hills and plains of Kansas and surrounding states. A feather found abandoned on the ground, driftwood washed ashore along the bank of a river, old rusty nails and hinges from a fallen barn or shed, or hair clipped and trimmed from a beloved horse's mane or tail, together with beautiful yarns and wools sheared and dyed in a array of colors from sheep and other animals all over the world make these weavings both beautiful and personally unique.

Chris began weaving these unique wall decorations while studying art at McPherson High School in McPherson, Kansas, and continued her studies into college at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from WSU in 1986. During this time she received many awards while displaying her works in numerous exhibitions in many Kansas cities. Chris has served as a fiber arts educator (in the traveling artist's program) at a number of colleges and high schools in Kansas. Her works have been purchased for several private and corporate collections and displayed in many well known galleries across the state. Chris' weavings have also been commissioned by individuals and organizations to be dedicated as memorials. These memorials honor horseback-riding enthusiasts who contributed great things to their communities and the horse industry during their time here on earth.

The custom designed weavings Chris creates for her clients are made to each person's specifications to fit the space, decor and color scheme of his or her home or office. With many styles to choose from, the unique shapes and sizes lend themselves well to each person's tastes and interests. Each weaving is special, as the woven pieces most often contain the hair from a favorite equine friend and/or other items like a horseshoe, leather from a bridle, or even strips of ribbons won while riding his or her friend and companion at shows. Chris carefully weaves all of these elements together in a work of art spun with lasting memories that come to life again.

Though Chris is inspired to create most of the weavings at home with husband Bill, she has also be seen working on her weavings while relaxing around a campfire on one of the many trail rides she attends throughout the year. Chris is an avid horseback rider, and riding instructor, so her life is quite absorbed in the world of horses. When you visit with her you will no doubt know immediately where her passion lies . . . in the magnificent animals we call horses!

So keep your eyes (and ears) open, you may get to meet or see her out on the trail, and if you do . . . She will no doubt greet you with a smile.

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